Anonymous: Heey! first im a BIG FAN of your videos you have no idea! second where do you get your cc from? INLOVE wiith your clothes. Answer back please xx

Loool! But I have no videos out love, so I don’t see how you could be a fan of them. Lol! But thank you though. I mostly get my Costume Content from: MYBSims, Sims2Finds, Ts3 Conversions, those I check regularly and other then that whatever I see on my dash. o.o I hope this helped! *hugs*

posted on July 23rd
Anonymous: Do you have any advice on making sims 2 clothes or any tutorials that helped you?

Hi noney! ^.^ I personally didn’t use any tutorials, everything I know is just from experimenting in BodyShop so I can’t really suggest a tutorial specifically but I did make a quick search on YouTube and you can find a bunch there. If I remember correctly another anon asked me about BodyShop tutorials and I said I’ll make a tutorial myself but I keep forgetting. If you promise to remind me this weekend I promise to try and make one. Deal? *hugs*

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Anonymous: Thank you very much :)

Awww, you are welcome love! <3

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Anonymous: Hi lovely ! Can you tell me where did you get necklace from post at April 20th please ? :)

Hi! It’s part of THIS set. *hugs* 

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Anonymous: Alex ♥ At first I wanna say happy belated birthday, love you. And second off, I am trying to have my Sims sit on the SIDE of the bed but everytime i try to move them there they SNAP into the bed, even though I have that no snap to grid cheat turned on, any idea on how to fix this? I couldn't find anything on the internet. Thanks <3

Hi lovey! ❤️ Thank you so much! You need to use OMSPs for that. They are a form of mod and you can literally find them anywhere! I suggest looking for them at ModTheSims they are very very useful especially for machinima making or picture taking. Now I wish I could link you but I am on my phone but I promise they are very easy to find. Anyway, the way you use them you enter ‘moveobjects on’, take your sim and place them on it. The OMSPs usually look like colorful squares that have different numbers on them and after you download them you’ll find them under the surfaces category in miscellaneous ( I think, I am pretty positive but if not they are somewhere in the surfaces category ). Some OMSPs allow you to move them up and down so just use the keys you use to move paintings on the wall and adjust them to your liking. I hope this helped! If you have more questions don’t hesitate to message me and again I am sorry I couldn’t link you! *hugs*

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'We're giving you the gameplay video, but it's from a month ago okay? So if it's buggy it's because of that okay? Cause it's just the beta version okay? So it's not gonna look like this when it's out okay?'

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I feel so bad right now that, that anon thought I was giving him attitude…

posted on July 19th
Anonymous: I kind of got the vibe you were being sarcastic and throwing attitude :/ I mean I was just wondering if there would be one because I'm assuming this Lucky Ones series is a soap opera and most of them have some sort of "who did it" story line.

Omg noooo noney! I was just joking with you. I’m so sorry if you feel like that, and I understand if you do, I sometimes read other people’s answers to anon questions and they are sarcastic and a bit stuck up but I am not like that and it wasn’t my intention for you to feel that way. I am sorry again. *hugs* Lucky Ones doesn’t have a ‘who did it’ storyline, yes there is a lot of drama but it’s more about following the lives of those teenagers, almost young adults, and how they change and grow into mature people and all the obstacles they have to deal with in order to get to that point. The main idea of the first season, if you will, revolves around Valentina and what happens to her and that affects all the characters, some more then the others but it does affect them because the ‘perfect world’ that they’ve been living so far it’s starting to fall apart which leads them to make decisions. The show is kinda split into 2 series for a while. And I’ll leave it at that because I don’t want to give too much, but it’s complex and you will see that. There are so serious twists but you need to pay attention to everything that’s happening in order to have the proper reaction. I hope this answers your question, if not I am sorry but I don’t know how to put it without spoiling everything. ;~;

posted on July 19th
Anonymous: I hope the first episode is on its way. Are we going to see a murder and drinking problems in Lucky Ones?

Yes my love, the first episode is on it’s way in Valentina’s pink convertible! Yes, there will be drinking problems in Lucky Ones, murder… I don’t really think so. It’s not a mafia story child.  LOL *hugs* 

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Anonymous: I just want to give you a hug Q_Q *hugs*

Awww thank you noney. ;~; You made me really happy. *hugsss*

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