Wow! It’s amazing, i’m excited to see the full episode! Valentina is so pretty! Good job, I love it! ^.^

Thank you lovey so much! ❤️

posted on July 28th

This is so fucking amazing *____*

Omg youuu, thank you so much! ❤️

Wow! It looks so neat! I remember how my attempts to make machinima looked back in the day xD I never had enough patience!

Thank you so much love. ❤️ Yes, it is very time consuming and sometimes stressful which is why the episode is being delayed a few weeks. 

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And here it is, the promised preview. 

The reason why I decided to share a preview with you guys is because Lucky Ones is taking longer to put out then I expected which means it will not be out this month. Expect it soon though and I hope you enjoy the preview even though YouTube totally fucked up my coloration by making it pinker then it was supposed to be. Why? I don’t know why. 

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Anonymous: Can't wait for the lucky ones! I heared that it is going to be out by this week?

Hi love. I’m glad you’re excited for the show but I am sorry, it’s taking longer then I thought. It won’t be out by this week. Though I am actually preparing a preview as we speak which will be out in a few hours. Just as a little apology for the show being pushed back a bit. I hope you understand. *hugs*

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Anonymous: Hi again, Thanks for answering, it seems more complicated to do Sims 2 animations than Sims 3 animations in Blender :/ , Thanks again because i couldn't find a tutorial! :3

Hi! It is very complicated, I will say that myself. Milkshape you get the hang of it after a few tries but as far as SimPE goes, there are way to many steps to remember so you’ll always have to go back to the tutorial to make sure you don’t miss anything cause if you do well… you’re fucked. LOL Anyway, don’t just give up, try it at least, I’m here if you need any help. Wish you luck. *hugs* 

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Anonymous: Hi Alex! I read that you made your own animationbox, did you learn by yourself or did you follow a tutorial? :3

I followed THIS tutorial. Making poses and animations is very hard and time consuming so you have to be devoted to your project. ^.^

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Anonymous: hi alex! i wonder if you still have your make up folder uploaded somewhere? i deleted all my cc and i used some of the make up you had uploaded for the lucky ones audition, but i totally forgot about keeping the stuff i wanted! #wcif x :))

Yes, it’s HERE. ^.^

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Anonymous: Hey there. I asked about the tutorials and you said to remind you this weekend because you keep forgetting. I'm learning a couple things, but I'm really eager to learn as much as I can, so here's my reminder. :)

Hi noney, thank you for reminding me but I’m sorry the tutorial will have to wait a bit much longer. Reason is because I am trying my best to finish the first episode of Lucky Ones which happens to take more then I expected. I am not even sure if it will come out this month, probably in the first 2 weeks of August. I am sorry I hope you understand but I promise to make one after the episode is out! 

posted on July 26th
anitka-sims: After you receive this you have to share five random facts about yourself and then send it to ten of your favorite followers. ❤️.❤️ (I send it back because reasons haha)

Lol! Thank you! ❤️

1. I am currently struggling coming up with a bag design for the sketch I’m working on.

2. I’m listening to Timbaland - Apologize ft. OneRepublic cause I’m feeling nostalgic today and I want tears to cover my face for no reason. ;__; 

3. Speaking of, I usually listen to sad songs and feel all sad and stuff for nooo reason. … weirdooooooo

4. I plan on diving into that bowl of spaghetti once my mom finishes making them and never coming back.

5. This music tho…. ;____;  

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Anonymous: W w wait you think gaga needs to release a new album? It hasnt even been a year since artpop..

Hi noney! ^.^ No, it’s almost been a year since ARTPOP and if you think about it, if she does want to release a new album this year she would have to announce it or at least the first single off of it somewhere this summer, end of September. Right? And I hope she does. As much as I love ARTPOP I miss those motivational songs, those major anthems, her dark music, controversial and oh well, I miss the truth in her songs and the reliability. 

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